In Memory of Batu Tiga Racing Circuit that was demolished by greedy Khir Toyol the former Chief Minister of Selangor.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

40 Years in Car Racing

Would you believe a guy at the age of 62 years old is still very competitive in car racing! Yes, it is! He is no other than Wan Redzman with his racing team 'Redz Speed Racing'.

In fact before involve in car racing, in the 60s he use to race Vespa and motorcycles. After he was given an opportunity to drive a Mini Copper in the 1970 Malaysian Grand Prix at the Batu Tiga Racing Circuit, there was turning back for him.

Then an opportunity strike him again where he was offered to race under Team Rothman. Driving the Mazda Capella RE, he started winning all the races in the Super Saloon event.

After 40 years staying in Malaysia, where he was rejected a citizenship, now he's back to Singapore. With his knowledge in car racing, his wide experiences are being share with the Singaporean. He even being invited by the Singapore Motor Club to give his technical support in the Singapore F1 races.

Back to Singapore he was offered a job as a security officer and being given other privileges as a Singaporean. With his family still in Kuala Lumpur, Wan Redzman will shutter once a month to Kuala Lumpur with his super bike Honda 1000cc.

He will still continue racing until to the end of his life. At the moment he is very much involve in training his son to follow his footstep. And soon his grandson will make a debut into the car racing arena too.

I be sure to write more about him after his next visit to Kuala Lumpur. I will also posted more new photos of him.

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